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We are developing two new health promotion projects

Fibroids Fysio - support group for women with and interested in knowing more about fibroids and how to make small, healthy lifestyle changes for improved wellbeing. There will be time for sharing experiences, discussions, natural therapies information and gentle exercises to increase energy, improve restful sleep, manage periods and encourage motivation to become more active. As part of the group you can make suggestions about invited speakers such as specialist surgeons and medical consultants and activities such as Tai Chi, Zumba. 

The Sugar 'addiction' and self-enslavement debates' will be humorous, informative, challenging opportunities for people who are concerned about the amount of sugar we consume, to better understand the history of sugar in our lives, the real dilemmas encountered in reducing sugar intake and the health difficulties excessive sugar intake can cause

Debates will bring together presentations on the history of the sugar trade, economics, nutrition, psychology, medicine, addiction, food production, marketing, to explore the impact that better information might have on lowering our sugar intake and potentially reducing obesity and ill health.

The big question is 'To what extent can an historical and political understanding of sugar in our lives result in any change in consumption of sugar?'

Piloted informal discussions on the 'Sugar and self-enslavement debates' have been passionate, challenging, informative and very interesting.  Spread the word and join us when our programme formally begins in October

If you would like to help us to promote these projects, register to attend or have ideas for future discussion forum topics, click here to email us

SANKOFA AFAMFA - A return to the past must be guided by critical examination


Research, develop and promote African centred approaches to developing people, organisations and communities


Griot aims to:

  • embrace the cultural distinctiveness, spiritualities and differences that reflect people everywhere·        
  • respect and affirm people in the ways in which we develop working alliances, organise and deliver our undertakings with people from a diversity of backgrounds, faiths and cultures

Griot is interested in gathering links to small-scale surveys, research and reports on the work of Black-led grassroots groups and organisations.

We would also like to hear from people who are interested in collaborating on research and established researchers and research bodies seeking partnership with a community-based research organisation.

Email Griot here